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Dust diesease register

Dusts diseases register a first for Australia

Queensland workers, including coal workers and stonemasons, will have better workplace health and safety protections thanks to recent changes to the Public Health Act 2005 and a new Regulation...

Health surveillance of mine workers should include respiratory health assessments

Regular health surveillance screening

A mining safety regulator has urged current, former and retired mine workers to conduct regular health surveillance screening following an investigation into a former coal mine worker being diagnosed...

safework australia workplace exposure standards coal dust impacts CWP

Workplace exposure standards coal dust | Changes flagged

Amendments to workplace exposure standards for coal dust have been flagged in the latest call for submissions by Safework Australia. Safework Australia is seeking feedback on suggested new values...

real time dust monitoring equipment for hazardous environments

Trolex real time dust monitoring

A new generation of real time dust monitoring has been designed to significantly improve the accuracy of data being collected, and mine worker safety in hazardous environments. Trolex stated that...

OPINION: What irks me about safety eyewear

When it comes to choosing safety eyewear there’s a so much in the market. Apart from the obvious compliance with the range of relevant standards like AS 1337, there is a range of important...


CoolMist: Needs on the rise – How do you shape up

Growing concerns over the potential health impact of dust generated by mining activities has seen the New South Wales Environment Protection Agency (EPA) enforce new standards on dust control with...

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