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Caterpillar link brackets | potential risk of injury

Certain Caterpillar link brackets

Caterpillar Hastings Deering has released an equipment safety bulletin regarding the potential risk of personal injury and/or property damage due to a failure of affected link brackets.

Certain Caterpillar link brackets with part numbers 589-7433, 589-7434, 589-7435, 589-7436, 589-7437 and 589-7438 may have defective butt welds in the chain-link portion of the component. Other part numbers are not affected.

Caterpillar is investigating the problem, and further communication may be released which identifies the specific batch codes affected. At the date of this bulletin, users should consider all listed part numbers as suspect, particularly if the link bracket has not been visually inspected by a competent person prior to use.

Link brackets are lifting appliances when attached to components to lift or support components during service operations. Most link brackets have two chain links, the smaller sizes only have one link, but the welds on both links need to be inspected. Any link brackets with the appearance of poor-quality welds should be removed from service until further advised.

This bulletin indicated earlier that only Caterpillar Link Bracket part number 589-7436 with supplier batch code (NLNLMN) and 589-7437 with supplier batch code (NENLMN) may have inadequate welds on the chain links. This bulletin update does not change that information but adds the additional part numbers without any supplier batch code effectivity known at the date of this publication.

Actions Required:

Users should inspect and remove all new and used 589-7436 and 589-7437 link brackets with supplier batch codes of NLNLMN and NENLMN from parts inventory and service facilities.

All other affected part number link brackets [with any batch code] should be withdrawn from use unless the link bracket has been inspected by a competent person in accordance with AS-4991:2004 section 15 and found satisfactory.

The Caterpillar part number and supplier batch codes are marked on the safety tag that is attached to the link bracket. See illustration 1 below for an example of the Cat part number identification and supplier batch code on 589-7436.

See Illustration 2 for an example of the Caterpillar part number and the supplier batch code identification on 589-7437.

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