AMSJ » Continuous miner operator sprayed with hydraulic oil

Continuous miner operator sprayed with hydraulic oil

roof bolt hose pack

The NSW Resources Regulator has issued a report of a dangerous incident occurred at an underground coal mine.

A continuous miner operator was sprayed with hydraulic oil from a damaged hose on a roof bolt hose pack. It appears the hose pack return hose was damaged by a piece of coal as the roof bolter head extended.

Investigation report | dangerous incident at Ashton Coal Mine

Worker sustains injury maintaining hydraulic breaker

In respond to this incident the Regulator commented: Mines should ensure all employees working around equipment with high-pressure hydraulic systems are fully aware of the dangers of fluid injections entering the body and the damage they can cause.

Cut out distances need to be reviewed and changed in different geological conditions in order to minimise the accumulation of stone in the working area. Excessive build-up of material around hoses should be avoided, inspected and cleaned prior to operating bolting rigs. Operators need to maintain situational awareness in relation to hoses contacting sharp edges.

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