AMSJ » Father of fallen mineworker left to piece together puzzle

Father of fallen mineworker left to piece together puzzle

Curragh mine accident victims father pieces together puzzle of mine fatality

The father of a mine worker killed in an accident at Curragh mine on Sunday has been left by himself to piece together snippets of information on his son’s death.

Robin Rabbitt, 57, told local media the Daily Mercury that the accident that killed his 33-year-old son Donald should never have happened.

He says from what he could piece together his son Donald had been working a shift alone and was changing a 4.5-tonne tyre when it fell from about waist height, crushing him. He was reportedly found about 4.30 pm.

But he has also received information that the accident at the Curragh mine could have occurred earlier than 4.30 pm as it has been reported that his son was working alone.

“I was talking to the union bloke and he said they’re not supposed to be working on their own; that there are supposed to be two to three people. I am so, so pissed off my son is dead.”


“The union told me he could have been laying there for half an hour under the tyre,” Mr Rabbitt told the news source.

Queensland Mines Inspectors have been investigating the Curragh mine fatal accident. AMSJ understands that a tyre change activity is at the centre of the investigation.

Coronado Resources Inc (ASX: CRN) released a statement today on the accident.

Coronado confirmed that the “operations at the Curragh Mine Complex have been suspended since 12 January 2020 when an employee of Thiess was fatally injured during a tyre change activity in the main workshop.”

The Queensland Mines Inspectorate subsequently visited the mine and issued a directive that requires all relevant tyre and wheel rim fitting activities be suspended until the Inspectorate is satisfied that these activities can recommence safely.

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