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Queensland mining safety legsilation

Queensland mining safety bill may weaken safety culture

The Queensland Government’s push for changes to mining safety legislation has come under fire from big miners, individuals and a range of leading organisations that will be responsible for applying...

report queensland mine fatalities

Report into Queensland mine fatalities underwhelms

OPINION …Like many others who have witnessed the increasing rate of fatalities in the Queensland mining industry, today I eagerly awaited the delivery of a report entitled Review of all fatal...

four fatal accidents in Queensland mine during 2019

Queensland Fatal Mining Accidents 2019/20

2019 was a horrific year of fatal mining accidents for the Queensland mining industry. There has been a range of fatal accidents as well as a plethora of high potential incidents that have left mine...

legal privilege may affect safety information sharing

Legal privilege & safety

Dr Ray Parkin OAM shares his thoughts on the impacts of Legal Privilege on mine safety practice and the potential legal privilege implications as industrial manslaughter laws are introduced by the...

Industrial manslaughter legislation in Queensland is another silver bullet

20 years in a Queensland prison for mining managers

Proposed new mining industrial manslaughter legislation in Queensland has recommended up to 20 years in prison for mining managers and supervisors found guilty of negligent conduct involving the...

Coal mine worker died in fitzroy resources fatality

Fitzroy Resources confirms mine fatality

Fitzroy Resources has confirmed a mine fatality at the Carborough Downs mine. A 57-year-old long term employee of the Carborough Downs mine was fatally injured at 11.50 pm last night. Mineworkers...