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Decontamination washing machine | Solo Rescue for protection equipment

solo rescue
solo rescue
Solo Rescue
Solo Rescue

In most mining environments, and during many mining processes, the use of different types of personal protection equipment (PPE) is required. Cleaning and decontamination of soiled equipment after the shift is vital. During the work, clothing and respirators may have been directly exposed to hazardous substances, and contaminants remain on the exterior.

Effective decontamination procedures can become an even greater challenge in mines where respirators and other safety equipment are used in large numbers. Manual cleaning of some types of PPE can be a time-consuming and therefore costly process.

In addition, depending on the type of contaminant that might stick to the gear, the removal, handling, and cleaning of the equipment can itself present a health hazard.

Solo Rescue of the S.E.A. Group is a washing machine for protection equipment: it performs fast and efficient cleaning of large quantities of breathing apparatus, respirators, helmets, gloves, boots, and other personal protection equipment. The decontamination is a mechanical, self-contained, sealed-off process, minimising the risk of personnel coming in contact with hazardous materials.


Dirty gear is loaded onto circular rotating trays and placed inside the cleaning compartment, where it is subjected to strong water spray from 12 nozzles, hitting the gear from all angles. Through various attachments, the trays can be configured to hold air cylinders, harnesses, face masks, hardhats, gloves, boots, and other equipment. As one tray is cleaned and lifted out, another is loaded for immediate decontamination.

With Solo Rescue, you will always have clean, safe gear ready for the next shift. Timesaving is another advantage: The Solo Rescue offers two wash cycles and works up to ten times faster than manual cleaning.

In a single hour, Solo Rescue can clean up to:

  • 14 BA sets
  • 48 full face respirators
  • 96 half face respirators
  • 60 helmets
  • 120 pairs of gloves
  • 40 pairs of boots
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The Solo Rescue machine features a spacious, sealed washing compartment. The lower door doubles as a loading table, and the entire compact unit has a footprint of less than 1 square metre. Only a cold-water connection is required, as the water is heated internally to +55°C.

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