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Why Is The Right PPE Equipment So Important In Mining?

Wearing the correct PPE
Wearing the correct PPE in mining can protect workers from injury and illness

A lot of the injuries that occur in mining can be easily prevented. How? With the appropriate PPE. PPE is personal protective equipment. Every task that takes place requires certain pieces of PPE. Wearing the correct PPE for the right jobs can help prevent injuries. Every mine employee should buy into this standard, and ensure they are wearing the correct PPE for the job they are doing.

Sadly, some miners don’t adhere to this rule. Once investigated, many of the accidents that lead to injuries turn out to be the result of incorrect (or no) PPE. For workers in miners, there are boots, gloves, helmets, as well as protective padding. All of this helps protect miners from the dangers that they experience on a daily basis. Every mine should set out the PPE that is required for the activity, as well as the specific mine they work in. The miners should then commit to following these rules, typically this is done during safety training.


There are a few things that PPE does for miners. It improves visibility, high-vis gear ensures that miners are always visible, this is especially important where vehicles are operating. Many accidents on site involve a pedestrian and a motorist. Gloves prevent scrapes and abrasions. Additionally, a quality fabric will be waterproof, and comfortable to use even in the heat. They’re also easier to maintain.

While leather gloves offer the best abrasion resistance, they can be extremely uncomfortable to use in heat. So, using a mesh fabric is ideal. Padding offers protection for joints. While there is also weather protective gear to protect from cold, rain, and wind. Of course, we can’t forget about goggles, ear plugs, and helmets. Every piece of PPE is designed to prevent injury, protect employees, and ultimately, keep work moving.

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