AMSJ » Downer takes Australia’s first Komatsu 830E-5 dump trucks

Downer takes Australia’s first Komatsu 830E-5 dump trucks

Komatsu 830E-5 dump trucks

Leading Australian mining contractor Downer Group has just taken delivery of five new generation Komatsu 830E-5 dump trucks – the first fleet to be sold in Australia.

The 830E-5 is a 230 metric tonne capacity dump truck said to be the most technologically advanced 240-US ton class truck Komatsu has produced to date.

It incorporates new engine and drive system features that deliver improved performance, intelligent parasitic load control on the engine, up to 80% lower particulate matter (PM2.5) emissions and better fuel efficiency.

Ryan Kirkwood, Downer’s General Manager Plant, said the purchase of these new 830E-5 trucks was a result of the company’s long-standing operational history with Komatsu electric drive dump trucks.

“For a number of years, we have successfully operated large fleets of Komatsu 830Es and 930Es – both internally and for clients,” he said.

“It was an obvious decision to transition to the new 830E-5 for a key project in Western Australia.

“We are moving towards an optimised excavator-to-truck match capacity, which offers significantly more benefits, beyond just efficient operational productivity,” said Kirkwood.

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“Considering our long-standing relationship with Komatsu and the trucks we already have in operation, the new 830E-5s provide synergies in operator training, as well as the ergonomic benefits that come with a new design.”

Key factors in Downer’s decision to purchase the first five 830E-5s in Australia included their improved reliability, low maintenance intensity – including extended service consumable hours, long-term mechanical availability, and proven extended frame lives beyond 80,000 hours.

According to Jason Arthur, Komatsu’s National Product Manager – Mining, improvements over Komatsu’s proven 830E-1AC include improved levels of operator safety and comfort, increased speed on gradient through horsepower variations, and higher payload capacity.

“The 830E-5 model also has significantly increased parts commonality with our larger 930E-5 model, allowing for reduced stocking levels on sites running both models,” he said.

“Incorporating the latest technology engine and drive system technology, the 830E-5 provides significantly lower noise levels, an 80% reduction in particulate matter emissions, and reduced fuel consumption as part of our drive to achieve lower-energy mining operations.

“It’s also a highly flexible platform, offering future technology expansion capabilities including machine autonomy and trolley-assist options that provide alternatives to diesel fuel and reduce Scope 1 emissions,” said Arthur.

Brief specs of the 830E-5 are: Standard payload, 230 tonnes; capacity (2:1 heaped), 158 cu m; loading height, 6.26 m; engine, Komatsu SDA16V160 diesel rated at 2500hp (1865 kW) gross (2700hp option available); Tier 4 Final option available; drive, AC current with AC torque control system; maximum speed, 64.5 km/h; continuous rated electric dynamic retarder, 3207 kW; tyres, 50/80 R57; overall length, 14.65 m; overall width, 8.95 m.

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