AMSJ » Employer approves automating 100 heavy vehicles

Employer approves automating 100 heavy vehicles

SafeAI driverless truck
SafeAI driverless truck

A diversified contracting group will convert its mining truck fleet to autonomous technology.

MACA recently signed a memorandum of understanding with machine control company Position Partners to automate 100 dump trucks. The successful bidder will spend several years retrofitting heavy vehicles with SafeAI artificial intelligence (AI) and driverless functions.

The new ability to independently make efficient, accurate decisions without human intervention is promised to improve safety, productivity and operational cost savings. MACA is also pleased with the flexibility of retrofitting its existing fleet instead of resorting to a more “time-consuming and costly transition” to new autonomous vehicles.

The two companies have already completed a six-month proof of concept trial with favourable results at Capricorn Metals’ Karlawinda mine.

“With SafeAI’s scalable AI-powered technology, we can quickly deploy autonomous heavy equipment across our sites – creating safer, more productive operations and setting a new standard for our industry,” MACA CEO and managing director Mike Sutton said in a public statement.

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