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SafeAI driverless truck

Employer approves automating 100 heavy vehicles

A diversified contracting group will convert its mining truck fleet to autonomous technology. MACA recently signed a memorandum of understanding with machine control company Position Partners to...

Productivity before safety - do we justify our actions in light of risks

Do mining companies put productivity before safety?

Some time ago we interviewed Professor Sidney Dekker (one of Australia’s Safety Thought Leaders) on his thoughts about whether mining companies put productivity before safety. This is what he...

going to bed late - work performance affected

Night owls have lower brain connectivity

‘Night owls’ – those who go to bed late and then get up later – have significantly lower functional connectivity in the brain, slower reaction times, and may struggle with a standard 9-5 workday...

Australian dollars

Financial stress of mine workers triples in two years

Workers in the mining industry are almost three times as likely to experience financial stress in 2016 compared to 2014, according to new research. Twenty-six per cent of people working in the mining...

Wind-powered device improving safety on site

  A WIND-powered device is being developed in South Australia to help maintain visibility and safety for workers on mine sites. The Spinflector is a device to clean reflectors on delineator...

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