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Safety Footwear

#FUN READ 7 Things To Know: Safety Shoes

Shopping for safety shoes online is often problematic issue for many buyers. Having a clear perception of the required size, fitting and individual needs can help you opt for models of leading safety shoe brands.

Foot related injuries are some of the most common mishaps that take place in the workplace. Such accidents can lead to cause impairment and in some cases also be fatal. Aware of these dangers, a large number of organisations across industries have made it mandatory for their staff to use safety shoes within their premises. But if you haven’t use workplace safety footwear earlier, then you will be faced with a dilemma while selecting pairs for use at workplace or in outdoors. Why Wearing Safety Shoe is a Necessity? Here are some useful tips using which you can select safety shoes that suit your requirements: –


The primary area that you will need to emphasise on while shop safety shoes online is their size. One smart way of verifying a pair is to try the shoes while wearing the socks that you use on a regular basis. If you find that the pair has a good fitting, then walk around for some time wearing them. In case you feel at home after you take off the shoes for some time, then the shoes are a perfect pair for your feet.


The natural shape of people’s feet tends to vary a lot. Ensure that the ball of your feet fits the shoe’s widest part. The shoe’s heel needs to fit comfortably without any type of slipping. Don’t go for safety shoes which compel you to place your toes in an unnatural position.

Avoid wearing shoes that have a heel which is higher than 2 ¼ inches. Safety shoes that come with higher heels apply pressure on the balls and ankles, which over time cause injuries such as calluses. Also, make it a point to try the new shoes towards the end of the day. This is because your feet swells after you spend a considerable time period either standing or sitting during the day.

Opt for shoes with steel toe caps

Steel toed safety shoes offer a high level of protection from punctures, abrasions and injuries caused by heavy, falling objects. This type of shoes come with a midsole, a firm grip sole and padded collar that enables them to bear changes in temperatures and weather. Because of this reason, steel toed shoes from top safety shoe brands like Allen Cooper and Bata are widely used by engineers also.

Put on the laces while you are using your shoes

While you are putting on the shoes, make sure that they are laced perfectly. Lacing the shoes in a proper fashion will ensure that you have a better fitting. The possibilities of feet sliding down within the shoes will also be minimised.

Remember your individual needs

One of the major deciding factors that will influence your buying decision is your individual requirements. Make sure that they go well with safety standards. Many professionals don’t prefer steel toe safety shoes because of their weight, as they may feel exhausted while being on the move. In case you are working in a factory involved in production of industrial goods, you will need to keep this point in mind since you may face many issues in the future.

Check the safety features of the pair before buying

If you work outdoors for a considerable time period, then you need to check whether the shoes you plan to buy are slip resistant, water proof and electricity resistant or not. Normally footwear with these features are suitable for usage round the year. Therefore, go through the specifications with care before you place your order.

Keep the safety factor in mind

Last but not the least comes the pricing factor. The prices of safety shoes, just like their prices and features tend to vary a lot. Therefore, while opting for a pair which fulfills all of your safety criteriaScience Articles, make sure that it matches your budget as well.
Author:  Mark Batham

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