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Going the Distance – Underground

Going the Distance – Underground


Many vehicle related accidents not only occur on our roads, but also underground where the conditions are more hazardous, more challenging and with significant decreases in visibility. With Over the past 10 years there have been multiple significant incidents underground that has meant an increase in focus on occupant protection in light vehicles. Newly released models with 5 star ANCAP ratings are a welcome addition this space however there is still extensive modification required to meet strict standards for underground operation.

In the 5 years to June 30 2016, 125 High Potential Incidents involving vehicles were recorded in Queensland alone, specifically in Underground Coal Mining. Vehicle incidents rated third on the incident type register, trailing behind Electrical and Other groups, putting vehicles squarely in the top 3 major risks within this industry for this period. Within the 2015-16 financial year, High Potential Incidents involving vehicles top the list accounting for 28.2% of all incidents reported in Surface Coal Mining1.

With vehicles rated as one of the key risks on site, large miners are taking a detailed approach to minimising risk during the vehicle modification phase, incorporating requirements into capex and tender scope. This is not new, however there is also focus on ensuring modifications are fit for purpose, going the duration and fitting the cost benefit analysis for whole of life costs.

Understanding the requirements in a whole of life sense is part of what Minecorp strives to achieve. Working with the most recent release of vehicles, designing and engineering solutions to meet the stringent criteria set by the largest miners in Australia. Over the past 12 months, the business has seen a growing need from customers seeking high quality, seamless underground vehicle safety solutions for their workforce. In response, the recent launch of a fully integrated tray system for the new 5 Star ANCAP rated Toyota Landcruiser 79 Series has delivered a solution that is unsurpassed in the industry. “It is our focus to enhance light vehicle safety for the mining sector and believe this new initiative will make a positive and noticeable difference to how the industry approaches underground modifications,’ said Minecorp’s General Manager, Angus McIntyre.

Minecorp’s products and services for underground light vehicles include braking systems, modified gear boxes, anti-seize freewheeling hubs, intrinsically safe electrical wiring including isolation and lighting systems, Occupant Protection Systems, Fire Suppression Systems, rustproofing and fully integrated welded trays and rear protection that are manufactured at the Brisbane facility. The vehicles are completed to the full modification requirements to enable site readiness in a single source solution offering. These features are designed to ensure each underground vehicle is extremely robust, safe and customised for harsh environments.

Known for the continued focus on meeting compliance standards for both customer’s specification and legal requirements, Minecorp Australia ensures all fleets offer safe, reliable and value driven solutions, getting you on site faster.


1 Statistics taken from 2015–16 Queensland mines and quarries safety performance and health report, Queensland Government.


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