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Ground-breaking new video on minerals exploration in Victoria

minerals exploration in Victoria

Landowners and the broader Victorian community will gain greater awareness of the importance and low impact of minerals exploration through a short video released today (10th March 2021) by the Minerals Council of Australia (MCA) Victoria.

Shot in the Ballarat and Bendigo regions, Minerals Exploration in Victoria includes footage and information on exploration drill rigs and other exploration activities that take place on public and private land.

The video complements the MCA and Victorian Farmers Federation Land Use Guide which provides information to private landholders on rights and obligations of explorers and landowners and advice on negotiating land access.

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The video outlines minerals exploration techniques including desktop research to drilling and core analysis explained by staff from exploration companies.

It will be a useful resource for explorers in their interactions with landowners to support the continued growth of mineral exploration in regional Victoria and the ongoing job opportunities for regional communities.

The minerals industry understands that landowners and communities want to learn more about minerals exploration, how explorers and communities work together and the environmentally responsible approach taken by explorers.

Minerals exploration is low impact and temporary. Exploration has a small land-use footprint, and any land disturbed must be rehabilitated by the explorer.

Explorers and landowners work together to ensure exploration has minimal impact on farming operations.

Diverse regional economies with mining and farming working together are critical for the state’s future and the ability of young people to stay in towns and regions as part of growing and prosperous communities.

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