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Incident | Fuel truck tyre blow out

Tyre Incident - fuel truck tyre blow out

The NSW Resources Regulator has reported a dangerous fuel truck incident that occurred in a mineral sands dredging operation. The incident involved a tyre blow out.

Dangerous incident at underground mine

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According to the report, an operator was knocked to the ground when a tyre on a fuel truck blew out. The operator was on the opposite side of the truck to where the tyre blew and was knocked off their feet following the incident. The truck was unladen and stationary at the time, and had only travelled 100 metres from the workshop when the incident occurred.

In response to this incident, the Regulator comments, tyres should be checked and repaired in accordance with AS 4457.2-2008 Earth-moving machinery – Off-the-road wheels, rims and tyres – Maintenance and repair – Tyres.

  • The life cycle management of tyres should include the changing out of the tyre before failure.
  • Tyre manufacturers should be engaged to assist with identifying the cause of tyre failure.
  • Regular visual inspections of tyre sidewalls should be done to identify bulges, bubbles, cuts or other damage to minimise risk from tyre failure or blowouts.
  • Vehicles should not be operated with underinflated tyres.

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