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Isolation lockout devices | Isolator Bar Lockout

isolation control devices - isolator bar lockout

Lockouts for some isolator switches and motor control centres has long been a frustration across many industries. An Australian innovator has developed an isolation lockout device solution to improve isolation protocols.

Isolation equipment provider Cirlock has recognised industry demand and designed and manufactured a world first Lockout Device for Isolator Bars/Motor Control Centre Switches. 

Cirlock says that the flexibility of lockout devices is crucial, while at the same time never compromising on the safety of the product.


The Isolator Bar Lockout Kit (IBL-KIT) is designed to be able to lock out nearly all shapes and sizes of isolator bars.

The IBL-KIT comes with the RED High Vis handle lockout, various sized inserts, as well as extension pieces, and will, therefore, fit most lengths, sizes and thickness of bar/handle. Also great for group isolation processes with two built-in 7mm padlock holes allowing the application of several padlocks and/or hasps.

This product is made from impact and chemically resistant ABS material.  

What is an isolator bar lockout?

An isolator bar lockout is a safety device designed to prevent accidental activation of an energised switch where energisation may harm workers or equipment. It might typically be used to prevent access to an internal isolator switch when an electrical cabinet door for a motor control centre is open during maintenance activities.
Isolation lockout devices - Isolator bar lockout

Isolator bar lockout kit

Sold in convenient kit form and available now, the IBL-KIT includes: –

  • Cirlock Lockout Carry Bag
  • IBL-1 Main Lockout Device – RED
  • 4 different size discs for different sized bars
  • 2 different lengths of PVC Extensions for longer bars (can be joined together with supplied joiner for longer arms).

For the best range of isolation lockout devices that are designed and manufactured in Australia, Cirlock has a solution.

See Cirlock’s website that contains a great range of information on isolation lockout devices

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