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LED mine lighting systems improve safety

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Ensuring adequate mine lighting in an underground and surface environments is known to minimise risks associated with a range of hazards to mine workers. Low light increases depth perception an decreases peripheral vision and is a known contributing factor to incidents and accidents in underground mines.  Effective lighting also assists in the reduction of a range of hazards when working around mining machinery.

Low quality, or insufficient lighting can result in misjudgment of an objects position, shape or speed. This means that a mineworker in low light conditions can be prone to slips, trips, falls, hand injuries or even being struck by equipment.

Ongoing exposure to poor lighting levels have resulted in excessive eye strain (dependent on tasks being undertaken) and may result in eye discomfort/pain and headaches.


One Australian company, LINK N LIGHT – Industrial LED Lighting System, are a revolutionary, easy to install and functional LED Lighting System designed to improve lighting and safety in a range of underground conditions. With high light output and low power usage it is destined to revolutionise the traditional views of mine lighting systems.

One key safety advantage is that the Extra Low Voltage System (ELV)  does not require an electrician to install providing that the manufacturer’s specifications are met during install. It uses DC Voltage and quick connectors to make installation simple.

Link N Light is flexible with a range of underground mine lighting applications including roadways, tipples, chutes, ore passes, remote mucking areas. It can be installed in a range of runs up to 180 metres underground subject to power supply requirements.

The Plug and Play flexible cabling and light unit is made to last and withstand the tough, harsh mining, tunneling, industrial environment with an IP rating of IP66.

For more information contact East West Lighting in Mackay (07) 4998 5613.

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