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Moranbah dust wears thin

Moranbah dust

Member for Burdekin and Shadow Minister for Natural Resources and Mines, Dale Last has called on BMA to “do the right thing by Moranbah” as residents’ patience with the ongoing dust issue wears thin.

After being contacted by a constituent over the weekend, Dale Last said video footage of the issue showed palls of dust over the town and that it was time for the company to take action.

“In the wake of the decision to move toward automation, BMA has said publicly that they support the Moranbah community,” Mr Last said.  “It’s time for them to prove that support and take action on the dust issue once and for all.”

“During 2018 there were nine months that registered either poor or very poor air quality and it looks like we are seeing the same sort of situation now.”

“This is not just about people’s homes being inundated with dust, there is proof that this dust has adverse health effects.  According to UQ it’s the same as smoking a cigarette.”

“As a community, we would never allow children to smoke cigarettes so why would we stand by and let them breathe in dust that is just as bad.”

Isaac Regional Mayor also sick of Moranbah Dust

Mr Last also echoed the calls of Isaac Regional Council Mayor, Anne Baker, for dust monitoring infrastructure to be upgraded but said monitoring was only part of the long-term solution.

“What we need to see at these mines is upgrades or installations of systems to control the dust; it’s as simple as that,” Mr Last said.

“Changes to improve dust management will take time, and I acknowledge that, but we need to improve the monitoring and implement a system to warn people so that they can at least take precautions until the problem is fixed.”

“I fully support the resources sector, and I know how valuable it is to the Queensland economy, but these companies also have social responsibilities and, when those responsibilities are not being met, I will call the companies out on it.”

“What we need to see is all the stakeholders recognising their responsibilities and acting on them.  Isaac Regional Council have offered their assistance, and it’s great to see a proactive council, but BMA needs to pull their weight as well.”

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