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Near miss between dozer and haul truck

dozer Near miss

The NSW Resources Regulator has issued an alert following a haul truck and a dozer near-miss at an open cut coal mine. According to the report, a dozer operator communicated with a haul truck that he was about to clean up across the face, behind the truck. The dozer operator completed one push and reversed back to commence a second push. The truck operator saw the dozer reversing out of the area and assumed it had finished cleaning up. The truck operator then reversed towards the face, narrowly missing the dozer cab with the dovetail of the truck. The truck operator assumed the dozer was clear without waiting for positive communication from the dozer operator.

The Regulator stated: “operators of mobile plant must establish positive communications with other plant operators before moving into impact zones. There is no room for assumption when the consequences could be fatal. Mine operators should consider periodic refreshers in positive communications protocols for operators using mobile equipment. ” Refer to: Safety Bulletin 18-06 Lack of positive communications

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A haul truck collision with grader at an open cut coal mine has been reported by the NSW Resources Regulator.

According to the report, while working on a haul road, a grader operator performed a u-turn. The position 2 tyre of the grader contacted the position 3 tyre of a haul truck that was overtaking the grader at the time. The grader operator did not look to see if the road was clear before initiating the u-turn. The haul truck operator had followed the correct procedure for overtaking.

The NSW Resources Regulator said mine operators should develop, review and update procedures that manage the interaction of all mobile plant operating on site, including requirements for proximity detection and positive communication. Mines should consider including protocols for graders to conduct U-turns in their traffic rules. The installation of passing indicators on graders could facilitate positive communications, allowing trucks to safely pass.

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