AMSJ » New Caterpillar D11 brings a range of safety benefits

New Caterpillar D11 brings a range of safety benefits

New Caterpillar D11 delivered to BMA Blackwater

New Caterpillar D11 dozers being delivered to BMA’s Blackwater Coal Operations are expected to bring safety benefits for machine operation and maintenance.

Six new Caterpillar D11 dozers will be delivered to BMA, the first arrived in December 2019.

Caterpillar lists a range of safety benefits for the new dozer including:

  • Improved access ladder with engine off raise and lower capability;
  • Access lighting with control from cab or ground level access center plus delayed egress lighting;
  • A 360-degree vision system;
  • High definition touchscreen displays;
  • An engineered and tested fire suppression system;
  • A brake temperature estimator;
  • A continuous fluid monitoring system that monitors fluids and alarms operators.
  • A number of strategically located anchorage points that enable tie-down during maintenance.


Caterpillar says that the Caterpillar D11 will offer 8% increased productivity and efficiency, up to 8% increased fuel efficiency and up to 5% lower maintenance costs.

The new BMA dozers are fitted with a new reclamation blade, expanding capacity to 42.2 cubic metre blade from the 34 cubic meter blade.

Main Image: Hastings Deering

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D11 reverses over light vehicle

DOZER INCIDENT SNAPSHOT In 2013 a D11 Caterpillar dozer reversed over a light vehicle that entered the work area of the dozer at Mount Arthur Mine. The dual cabin Volkswagen Amarok Light Vehicle was extensively crushed, but the LV driver was not injured. (Image NSW Resources Regulator)

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  • With all due respect. it’s about time Australia held mining machinery manufacturers accountable for designing hydraulic systems that comply with MDG41. The Caterpillar has impressive safety features, but are the hydraulic systems equipped with devices that make it possible for mechanics to “detect and neutralize” stored energy post-shutdown?

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