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New mining cap lamp technology breaking ground

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A new high tech mining cap lamp is challenging traditional view on wearable lighting

SPONSORED: The MineARC SiriUS Cap Lamp – Breaking Ground in Mining Cap Lamp Technology

A Cap Lamp is a vital piece of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in underground mining. Used in environments where light is scarce, the humble cap lamp can at times be the only reliable visual aid.

Cap lamps are more than just a source of light, however; they play a significant role in an individual’s safety.  Improving light quality will boost visual performance, enhancing the ability to detect hazards and the execution of day-to-day activities. They can also provide valuable information when trying to evacuate an area in an emergency. When visibility has dramatically reduced due to smoke or other hazards, the quality and technology within a cap lamp can make a significant difference.

As the integration of onsite technologies continues to improve, cap lamps are positioned to significantly strengthen personal safety as well as a company’s overall safety initiative.

Beyond the Standard Mining Cap Lamp

MineARC has recently released a new cap lamp that will lead the way forward in wearable lighting technology. Manufactured in Australia, the SiriUS Cap Lamp offers new technologies that will integrate with current mine site operating systems and improve safety and efficiencies for personnel working underground.

SiriUS provides a quality and reliable lighting solution; combining dual beams, superior colour rendering and a robust design. The cap lamp can automatically adjust the light intensity to suit a variety of situations, emulating natural light and conserving power.

The cap lamp sources power through a purpose-designed, lightweight curly cord which enables additional cable length while still hugging the body. The cable links to a quick-connect battery system; designed to allow battery change-out whilst on the job. Furthermore, a universal clip will ensure compatibility with any style of hard hat, mount, harness or personal headwear.

When used in conjunction with MineARC’s GuardIAN System, the cap lamp’s inbuilt tracking software will provide real-time location monitoring for the entire workforce. Personnel can be located remotely from the control room via GuardIAN, offering vital information for search and rescue teams in the event of an emergency.

  • Improved illumination and Colour Rendering Index (CRI)
  • Automatic light adjustment and low power mode
  • Extendable, lightweight curly cord
  • Interchangeable battery solution
  • Universal connection clip
  • In-built tracking software

 For further information about MineARC’s new SiriUS Cap Lamp and to keep up to date as we launch our new products, visit  or contact

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