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Nitto Kohki machines and pneumatic tools

Nitto Kohki Australia, sole distributor of all Nitto Kohki machine and pneumatic tools as well as couplings also represents Kuken, another Japanese tool manufacturer and Cembre’s Italian manufacturers of rail products.

CUPLA Get with the Flow – demand Nitto

Nitto Kohki produces over 20,000 different couplings to suit a vast range of applications. From standard air fittings, fluid and gas couplings to specialised safety fittings Nitto Kohki have you covered. With stringent quality control, a prerequisite in Japanese manufacturing, these fittings have a reputation for their durability and longevity.

To assist industries that require Cuplas with alternative body material, Nitto Kohki have produced some of their most popular ranges in both Brass and Stainless Steel; there are even lightweight plastic Cuplas perfect for industries where minimization of potential damage to paintwork is important.

The Standard Hi-Cupla is the perfect all-rounder and handles a wide range of tasks from plant air piping to air hose application. It is designed with a one way shut-off valve in the socket and hardened materials makes it extremely wear resistant.

For more specialised applications using stainless steel we suggest the SP Type A with two-way shut-off for medium viscosity liquids and gases or the TSP Cupla with its valveless structure, suitable for high viscosity fluids such as grease. With a simple and secure connection to braided hoses there is no hose clamp required.

Safety Cuplas

With the extensive use of compressed air in industry today and the ever increasing focus companies have on their OH&S policies to ensure they have a safe work environment for their employees and visitors, Nitto Kohki Australia has released to the Australian market their comprehensive range of Safety Cuplas. One stand out example of innovation this range is the PVR.

The PVR Cupla has been designed for Compressed air outlets in 1/2”, 3/4” and 1”. The ultimate safety features include a purge function and sleeve lock for larger diameter air hose.

Beware of inferior imitations.

Nitto Kohki is proud of their reputation for innovative thinking and the Cupla range is no exception. Its market leading standards are constantly challenged by the introduction of inferior copies. Beware of ‘Nitto Style’ Cuplas as they are not covered by the comprehensive warranty offered with Genuine Nitto Kohki Cuplas.

There are many cheaper alternatives out there. But at Nitto Kohki we stand by our product with a 12 month guarantee against leaks. Put Nitto to the test and we will out-perform the competition.

ATRA ACE – When Size Really Matters

Nitto Kohki has developed the CLA-2720 for the Australian market with a capacity of 27mm diameter holes through 20mm mild steel and in a working environment where safety, efficiency and versatility are paramount, the CLA-2720 is a real game changer.

Safety – With no power cord, the CLA-2720 eliminates any trip hazards and coming in at a light-weight 7Kg the CLA-2720 also reduces manual handling risks, in fact the CLA-2720 is less than half the weight of other cordless magnetic drills on the market.

Advanced electronic technology also increases safety through a number of features like Side Slip Detection and Excess Load Indication.  The drill motor will also not operate when there is less than 30 minutes of magnetic power left in the battery, eliminating the possibility of the drill moving from the job during operation.

Versatility – At only 7kg in weight and 293mm in height, the CLA-2720 is ideal for work in tight spaces, elevated projects or work where access to power is limited. Once the magnet has been switched on, the unit has an adjustable drilling position feature that will give the operator 10mm of movement – allowing for precise positioning. The reversible feed handles allows best position to suit their application.

Efficiency – Supplied with 2 x 18 Volt 4.0 Amp Hour (Ah) Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries the CLA-2720 is compact and portable enough to allow drilling in tight spaces. In a short 45 minutes 95% of battery charge can be achieved, with full charge available in 90 minutes.  The CLA-2720 has been designed to maximise the life of the battery for extended drilling capacity. With soft start technology it reduces large electric current on start up.


Along with these unique battery conservation features Nitto Kohki Australia have developed new OZBROACH Speed Cutters. Designed and made in Australia, the new thin wall design, superior heat treatment and advanced geometry will not only make holes fast but will increase the number of holes drilled per battery charge in the CLA-2720. Available in sizes from 12mm through to 27mm diameter, the new OZBROACH Speed Cutters will ensure peak efficiency from the CLA-2720.

Compact, lightweight and packed full of the latest technology the CLA-2720 Cordless Atra Ace will deliver reliable drilling performance anywhere, efficiently and safely every time.

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