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Making a common workshop job faster and safer

A simple remote-control means a mechanic doesn’t have to crawl under heavy equipment and risk serious injury to remove belly plates, sumps and casings to carry out maintenance and repair work on mobile plant and machinery.


Removing belly plates from dozers and other tracked vehicles to allow servicing and maintenance is surely one of the most common procedures at any mobile plant workshop. It’s also one of the most dangerous and can be unnecessarily costly.

Belly plates can weigh hundreds of kilos – even more with accumulated debris build-up – and are traditionally loosened by mechanics who then crawl underneath the machine to line up bolt holes. This can be a very dangerous operation. Over the past decade in Australia, there have been over 45 serious injuries, including one fatality, as a result of bottom guard (or ‘belly plate’) removals. And these are just the reported ones.

This risk prompted the development of Nivek’s Tracked Elevating Device (TED).

It eliminates the human element from the critical lift stage underneath equipment by employing the remote control of a strong, agile lifting machine… TED.

TED can travel across any terrain and safely lift up to 800kg.

It has a 360° turntable at the top, which makes lining up ball joints safer, quicker and easier than traditional sling and chain block methods. As well as making belly plate removal safer, it also makes it significantly more efficient. Customer data from Thiess, Peabody Energy and Glencore over a one-year period found using TED to remove and install belly plates reduced work time by 73% and generally required one less mechanic.

TED can also be used for equaliser bars, cutting edges, steer cylinders, load rollers, sound suppression equipment, engine sumps and many other applications.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, TED is built tough, fit for purpose, and with total compliance to Australian and New Zealand mining standards.

There is a range of attachments which are easily installed and removed including a rhino stand locator, cutting edges removal tool, a load roller cradle and tie-rod and steering cylinder cradle.

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