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Your own portable iPhone noise dosimeter

noise dosimeter

A free noise dosimeter app created by Australian Hearing Services now allows mineworkers to measure noise doses with relative accuracy. Soundlog is an iPhone noise dosimeter that will measure Laeq Lcpeak and Laeq 8hr just like the professional versions. Research presented in 2016 found that “For ‘General’ and ‘Preliminary assessments’, as described by the Australian/New Zealand Standard (Standards Australia: 2005), this App should be able to perform as a satisfactory assessment tool within the acceptable limits of accuracy of risk management practice as applicable for WHS. “

While the app is not as sophisticated as instrunoise dosimeterments used by professional occupational hygienists, it may be useful as a screening tool for mining personnel to assess their own noise exposures. We note that the app has some limitations and we would recommend that you read the research report before using the app for more sophisticated noise dose monitoring.

You can download the App by clicking on the link to the App Store via the image.




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