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NSW Mine Safety Regulator’s Report

new mine safety regulator's report

The NSW mine safety regulator “Resources Regulator” has issued its annual report on activities for the 2018/209 period.

The report provides detail on the range incidents and two fatalities that occurred over the period a summary mine safety data from previous years.

The report highlights that “since 2009-10 the most common hazard mechanism resulting in serious injury in NSW mines was being ‘hit by moving objects’ followed by ‘slips, trips and falls of a person’. Together, these two mechanisms accounted for 70% of the serious injuries in 2018-19. The nature of that injury was most likely to be a ‘fracture’ followed by a ‘wound, laceration or amputation’. ‘Hand or fingers’ were the bodily location most likely to be seriously injured.”

93 serious injuries occurred during the period with lost-time injuries (LTI) also increasing to 295 (AN INCREASE OF 35 IN 2018-19 FROM 260 IN 2017-18).

mine safety regulator report summary

You can access the full mine safety regulator’s report here

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