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Safe Work Australia offers free seminars


Safe Work Australia are offering free health and safety seminars for the month of October.

Broadcast daily throughout National Safe Work Month in October, the Virtual Seminar Series showcases the latest thinking, innovation and research in work health and safety and examines how work can be designed so that workers are safe and businesses more productive.

Ann Sherry, Chair of Safe Work Australia, said that this year’s seminars will look at how getting the design of work right from the start can improve safety while simultaneously saving money, improving efficiency, and making business more productive.

“Good work design gives the highest level of protection against harm… It also enhances business success and productivity and workers’ health and wellbeing,” explained Ms Sherry.

An initiative under the Australian Work Health and Safety Strategy, the seminars are interactive and will involve live broadcasts and online Q&A sessions. Each seminar will be accompanied by a range of work health and safety resources including case studies, research and data.

Michelle Baxter, CEO of Safe Work Australia, said the seminars feature business leaders, academics and work health and safety experts sharing ideas, experiences, skills and knowledge to improve the lives of Australian workers.

“Sadly, as at 10 September, 111 Australian workers have been killed at work this year,” Ms Baxter said.

“National Safe Work Month is a time to focus on health and safety in your workplace to prevent death, injury and disease, and our online seminars provide a wealth of ideas, experience and insight to improve work health and safety practice across Australia.”

Ms Baxter said the 2015 seminars focus on mental health in the workplace, safety practice in the manufacturing and construction industries, and good work design.

“National Safe Work Month is all about participation and raising awareness of work health and safety. I encourage you to get involved in the activities and events planned for October, particularly the Virtual Seminar Series.”

To participate in the Virtual Seminar Series and National Safe Work Month, visit the Safe Work Australia website throughout October and follow our social media pages.

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