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Safe workplace “non-negotiable”, says Safe Work Abassador

Chair of Safe Work Australia and National Safe Work Month Ambassador Ann Sherry is urging businesses to make health and safety a priority and conduct a risk assessment during the third week of 2015 National Safe Work Month.

“National Safe Work Month is all about participation, so take some time out this October to raise awareness, conduct a risk assessment and make changes to improve your workplace,” Ms Sherry said.

With the estimated total cost of work related injury and illness to employers, workers and the community at $60 billion a year, Ms Sherry maintains that a safe and healthy workplace is non-negotiable and that good health and safety management is all about good risk management.

“There is strong evidence that businesses who manage their risks well, including their health and safety risks, perform better financially,” she said.

“Managing workplace risks effectively involves thinking about what could go wrong, what the consequences could be and then doing whatever is reasonably practicable to eliminate or minimise the health and safety risks.

“Investing in work health and safety provides me with a positive return on investment and it can do the same for you. Be safe. Be healthy. Because….it makes good business sense is just one sub-theme of National Safe Work Month in 2015.”

More information about the National Safe Work Month themes, the Workplace Participation Reward and the 2015 Virtual Seminar Series are available on the Safe Work Australia website.

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