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Safescape innovates to improve safety and productivity

Safescape Bortana EV for mining
The new Bortana EV

Safescape’s new Bortana Electrical Vehicle (EV) and their innovative escapeway product, Laddertube, are both true examples of Safescape’s commitment to developing innovative products to create safer and more sustainable underground mining workplaces globally.

The start of 2019 has been exciting for the Australian based product innovation company.

The company has achieved International Certification in ISO9001:2015 Quality, ISO45001:2018 Safety & ISO14001:2015 Environment.

It celebrated the installation of the signature product Laddertube on more than 100 mine sites across 19 countries, launched the prototype electric vehicle, Bortana EV, at Austmine 2019 in Queensland, and celebrated Steve Durkin, the Founder and Managing Director of Safescape being awarded the Austmine Champion of Innovation Award 2019 recognising his contribution to innovation in the mining industry and the METS sector throughout his career.

From its inception in 2010, the vision of Safescape has been to provide products to the mining industry that improve safety and provide cost benefits.

Laddertube was designed and developed in Australia by Steve Durkin who had spent the previous ten years working underground as a Mining Engineer.

  • The Bortana EV
  • An innovative bunding system by safescape
  • An innovative safecape system provides edge prtection

Laddertube provides a long-term, safer solution to underground escapeways than traditional metal ladders. It is a strong, lightweight plastic tube which protects the climber from water and small rocks and incorporates a permanent fall arrest system.

Laddertube will not rust or degrade over time, does not require the maintenance that steel ladders do and can be recycled at the end of use demonstrating environmental awareness and forethought in its design.

After the success of Laddertube, Safescape launched Multi-Bund in 2015 and the Edge Protector (EP) in 2017. Multi-Bund is a modular lightweight bunding product that can be used empty for delineation of pedestrian access areas or can be filled with concrete and other fill materials for heavier duty applications where protection from vehicle interactions may be required.

The Safescape Edge Protector (EP) is made from a series of polyethylene shells which secure together with in a row along the edge of an open-pit road. The created wall is designed to allow open-pit haul roads to be narrower while providing a safer alternative to dirt bunding along with significant economic benefits.

Safescape's Edge protector
Safescape’s Edge Protector

In more recent times, Safescape has turned their focus to improving the wellbeing of workers and the environment underground through the reduction of diesel emissions from light vehicles. Safescape has identified that the benefits of battery electric vehicle (EV) technology such as low maintenance cost, high uptime, zero emissions, low heat generation and safer operational controls make the EV technology appealing for mining companies and underground mines.

In 2018, Safescape imported the first Agrale Marruá, a Brazilian heavy-duty light vehicle to Australia. The Marruá was chosen as it is military-grade, the whole body is galvanised, and the chassis is sealed. It was purposefully designed for harsh corrosive environments, extremely heavy-duty applications and is expected to provide a much longer life underground than traditional underground light vehicles.

In collaboration with 3ME Technology, Safescape have used the tough Marruá chassis fitted with a custom-made lithium-ion battery solution, resulting in the ultimate electric light vehicle for mining, Bortana EV. The Bortana EV is able to support rapid charging and achieve impressive energy density resulting in a mine-ready electric vehicle while reducing maintenance time and costs.

In May 2019, Safescape launched the prototype Bortana EV after attending the Austmine Conference in Brisbane, Queensland. It will soon be delivered for an underground trial prior to going to other mine sites.  Production of the Bortana EV commences in March 2020 with a high demand for the vehicle. Contact us for more information on this exciting vehicle and secure your opportunity to have the Bortana EV on your site.

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