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Securing loads | QDS pods fall from dolly car

securing loads QDS pod falls from vehicle

The NSW Resources Regulator has issued an alert to underground mines following an incident that saw a QDS pod fall from a dolly car and slide uncontrolled down the mine’s drift and was eventually arrested by spillage near the drift bottom. The high potential incident did not result in injuries but has, once again, drawn attention to the requirement for properly securing loads to transport to prevent inadvertent movement.

According to the Regulator’s report, the inbye pod as it slid down the drift had damaged rib mesh, water pipes, conveyor access ladder, walkway support beams, conveyor support beams, turning sheave at pit bottom, a concrete wall, and approximately 40 dolly car rope rollers.

The pod at a man hole also had damaged the main water pipe to the mine.

While personnel were injured in the high potential incident, there could well have been disastrous consequences if vehicles or personnel were in the proximity of the drift.

Securing loads to mine transport is a critical aspect of vehicle operation that can not be understated.  Potential consequences from load shifting or falling objects can be disastrous.  

You can read the full Regulator’s alert here

Image: NSW Resources Regulator


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