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Dragline boom incident

Dragline Boom Point Sheaves Fall to Ground

Queensland Coal Inspectorate has issued a safety alert following a major structural failure of the boom point sheaves on a BE1370 dragline, which allowed the sheave assembly to fall from the boom...

Dragline Bench failure at Queensland mine

Dragline bench failure incident at Queensland mine

A dragline bench failure incident recently occurred at a major Queensland Mine resulting in operators scrambling to safety. In a brief obtained by AMSJ, the Queensland Mines Inspectorate reported...

Capella landmark gets a refresh

New life has been breathed into a Capella landmark with the refurbishment of the mine dragline bucket at the entrance to the Capella Industrial Park. CQMS Razer, Gerada Engineering, SunCity Signs and...

dragline bucket 40th anniversary edition CQMS Razer

Dragline Bucket | Anniversary edition

CQMS Razer has proudly partnered with Melco Engineering to release a special edition 40th anniversary dragline bucket that’s sure to capture the attention of the mining industry. CQMS Razer...

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