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Dragline safety incidents | Bench collapse not the first

Dragline safety incident BHP BMA
Dragline bench failure in mines in Queensland has been evidenced over many years. AMSJ has a range of exclusive images on dragline incidents.

Dragline safety incidents across the mining industry have been highlighted through a recent dragline bench collapse at a Queensland mine. The recent dragline safety incident is certainly not the first across the industry and it seems, on the surface that dragline bench failures have been a regular feature of the mining industry in Queensland over the years.

AMSJ was provided exclusive images of a range of bench failures from some of our readers. They highlight the prevalence of the issue and the need to implement controls around the stability of working benches across the industry.

  • Dragline safety incident BHP BMA
  • Dragline Safety Incident - Bench failure
  • Dragline incident - collapsed bench
  • Dragline Safety
  • Dragline Mining Incident - ground failure on bench
  • BMA Dragline incident
  • Dragline safety
  • Dragline bench failure moura mine
  • Dragline incident at Peak downs mine
  • Dragline collapsed on bench following failure at Peak Downs mine
  • Dragline incident Moura mine
  • Dragline mining safety incident
  • Dragline Bench failure at Saraji Mine

We’d be happy to here your thoughts in the comments below on preventing dragline bench failures or other dragline related incidents.

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  • Jenson and Curtis dug method only way to get stable and compacted bench’s don’t know about Queensland dragelines but the material looks like smut
    Operated a p&h 9020 in the hunter valley for 7 years and never saw anything more than slight cracking
    You can not sit these things on shit material for long periods it’s good for rate but not good for pads
    Think it has a lot to do with inexperienced planers trying to better everything

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