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Queensland mines inspector unlawful conduct in an interview

Unlawful conduct by Queensland mines inspector

In an article published approximately 3 months ago, we reported on BHP Saraji leadership team members who had been stood down as a result of findings by a Mines Inspector that they had provided false...

BHP Saraji leadership team members stood down

Two members of BHP Saraji engineering leadership team have been reportedly suspended after providing false and misleading information to a mines inspector. UPDATED 12/12/2019 IMPORTANT: THIS CONTENT...

Queensland mines inspection

Queensland mines inspection slashed

New figures obtained by the LNP show that the Palaszczuk Labor Government has slashed the number of mine inspections in Queensland by more than 500 a year. The answer to an Opposition question-on...

china mine safety scrutiny is increasing

China increases scrutiny on mine safety

Authorities in northern China’s Shanxi Province have suspended or held back the construction of 82 coal mines in the first five months of 2019 amid enhanced safety scrutiny. The closed mines...

A blitz on safety will occur in the mining sector next week

NSW mining embraces for statewide blitz on safety

The NSW mining industry will come under increased scrutiny next week after the NSW regulator announced a blitz on safety across the mining sector. “We will conduct a state-wide compliance blitz...

trapped in ventilation control door

ERZ controller trapped in airlock door

A report on an ERZ controller trapped in an airlock door during an inspection of final seals and gas monitoring stations in return airways has highlighted issues around effective working alone...

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