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mine safety inquiry blocked

Board of inquiry begins marred by controversy

A controversial board of inquiry into mine safety incidents at the Grosvenor and other underground coal mines may be off to a shaky start after it has been revealed today that at least one of the...

retractable access ladder - death of Jack gerdes

Report into the death of miner finally to be released

A report into the death of Queensland miner Jack Gerdes at the Baralaba mine will be released in three weeks according to Queensland Government feedback supplied to the father of the fallen miner...

Brady report queensland mine safety

Miners will continue to die in Queensland

A report commissioned by the Queensland Government has confirmed that mineworkers will continue to die in Queensland at a rate of twelve every five years unless a major overhaul on safety is...

Mine manager prosecution target

Mine manager targeted in prosecution

A mine manager formerly at BMA Saraji operation has been targeted for prosecution by the Queensland Department of Natural Resources Mines and Energy over the death of mineworker Allan Houston in...

queensland mine safety

Queensland Mine Safety Information and Links

Are you struggling to find the latest links and information on mining safety in Queensland? We have assembled a range of links to the latest Queensland coal mining safety and health act, Queensland...

Mine safety pricipal investigations officer

Job Vacancy | Queensland Principal Investigation Officer

The Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines is seeking a Principal Investigation Officer to conduct a range of investigations for mining safety and health in Queensland. Permanent full...

Queensland mines inspector unlawful conduct in an interview

Unlawful conduct by Queensland mines inspector

In an article published approximately 3 months ago, we reported on BHP Saraji leadership team members who had been stood down as a result of findings by a Mines Inspector that they had provided false...

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