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Welcoming World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development

World Engineering Day - Sustainable Development Engineers Australia

The global engineering community marked the first-ever World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development on Wednesday, March 4.

Engineers Australia CEO, Dr Bronwyn Evans said the new day provides an opportunity to celebrate and acknowledge the significant contributions of engineers and engineering.

“Engineering is at the heart of our modern world and engineers are vital in creating sustainable, secure, healthy, just and prosperous communities,” said Dr Evans.

“The profession is also crucial to the development of new technologies enabling the 4th Industrial Revolution such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, robotics or quantum computing.”

Dr Evans said the as world transitions to a lower-carbon future, engineers will be central to the development of practical applications in food, water, energy, environment, sustainable cities, and natural disaster resilience.

“Engineers are essential to address the risks of climate change and to design and develop resilient infrastructure that will withstand the increasing weather-related events such as the devastating bush-fires and floods we experienced over summer,” she said.

World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development also aims to encourage young people to consider a career in engineering.

“Engineers are needed more than ever before to meet the pressing needs of sustainable development of humanity and the planet. There are many opportunities and the day is another way to engage with young people and say: “If you want to change the world for the better, become an engineer,” said Dr Evans.

Engineers have a vital role to play in sustainable development and climate change. Engineers Australia hosted the Engineering Responses to Climate Change Roundtable in Sydney on Wednesday, February 26.  

The roundtable brought together leaders from industry, the scientific community, governance and academia including Arup, AECOM, Baker McKenzie, WSP, CSIRO, Standards Australia, ANSTO, Planning Institute of Australia, ClimateWorks, Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering, Australian Building Codes Board, Climate Science Centre, Business Council for Sustainable Development, Green Building Council, Infrastructure Sustainability Council and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation.

Dr Evans, said “Engineers have multiple important roles: as practical implementers, as innovators developing novel solutions to address constraints, as motivators for change and as technical advisors to decision-makers. Indeed, we are in the privileged position of being trusted because of our evidence-based approach,” said Dr Evans.

About World Engineering for Sustainable Development Day

Realising the key role of engineering for humanity and its environment, UNESCO, with support of all its member countries and more than 80 engineering organizations worldwide, decided to proclaim the 4th March every year as the World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development, to engage with governments, industries, non-governmental organizations and the public at large to address the need for engineering capacity and the quality of engineers to solve the world’s most pressing problems.  Read here to learn more (link to  )

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Engineers have the power to create change. Whether as an engineer or working with and supporting the efforts of engineers, we are part of building a sustainable future. 

It’s easier to change things when we work as a team. Backed by a 100-year history of bringing engineers together, Engineers Australia (EA) is the trusted voice of the engineering profession, delivering training, support, accreditation and representation to engineers across the globe. 

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