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Some 220 Volt Three Pin Outlets in Mine Vehicles Not Safe

Some 220 volt three pin outlets in mine vehicles not safe

Some light vehicles used in mining that have 220 volt three pin socket outlets installed in the back are not fitted with the required residual current device (RCD) protection, according to WA’s Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP).

The DMP says the outlets are designed to deliver mains-equivalent voltage and that electric shock may occur to equipment operators or bystanders if an RCD has not been installed.

On vehicles of this kind, electricity to the outlet is supplied from an inverter, which is connected to the vehicle battery. This allows the plug-in connection of electrical equipment that is mains voltage powered at up to 100 watts.

RCD’s are required on all 220 volt outlets in mine vehicles in WA by regulation 5.24 (1) (b) or the Mines Safety and Inspection Regulations 1995.

The DMP recommends that where a 200 volt three-pin socket outlet is not protected with an RCD, it mustnot be used for the connection of portable, mobile or moveable electrical equipment while on a mining operation.

To prevent their use, the DMP recommends that such outlets be disabled or removed by a competent person

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