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Electrician injured in underground mine

The NSW Resources Regulator has reported an electrician got injured in underground metals mine.

Electricians working underground were installing a high tension cable from an integrated tool carrier basket. A rope connected from the end of the cable was tied to the mid rail of the basket. As the integrated tool carrier trammed to pull the cable, tension in the rope has overloaded the mid rail of the basket, causing it to fail. The rail hit an electrician on the torso. 

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The Regulator said: “If workers deviate from standard procedures for a task, the work must be managed through a change management process. If no procedures have been developed for the task, then the task should not be undertaken until an appropriate risk assessment has been carried out. The force applied when pulling material needs to be known so that fit-for-purpose equipment can be used.”

“Lifting or pulling equipment should only be used in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions and for the intended purpose.”

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