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CoolMist: Needs on the rise – How do you shape up


Growing concerns over the potential health impact of dust generated by mining activities has seen the New South Wales Environment Protection Agency (EPA) enforce new standards on dust control with other states likely to follow. The EPA is aiming to achieve 80% dust reduction by August 2014.

If mining companies do not adhere to the new standards they will be subjected to warnings, fines and shutdowns. This may prove to be a rather costly exercise.

A_JET35S_Turbo-Fog-Cannon_1-featuredSurface wetting and airborne dust capture via water cannons and sprays are ineffective methodologies to deal with dust pollution.

Some disadvantages of the above techniques are:

  • Over-saturation of material and environment
  • Limited dust suppression efficiency without the use of chemical additives
  • Application of dust suppression chemicals compromising material integrity
  • Lack of accuracy to target the dusty areas
  • Excessive water consumption.

The most effective solution provided by CoolMist Systems Australia is an atomized spray system that is driven by the A-JET Turbo Fog Cannon. The A-JET Turbo Fog Cannon relies on the principle of producing micro-fine water droplets launched from a powerful fan to assist collision with airborne dust particles and then driving them to the ground. The unit is well suited to outdoor job sites due to its ability to be moved around and therefore can be placed in the ideal position for maximum benefit.

Targeting breathable and fugitive dust particles from 20 to 200 microns the “A-JET” is designed for dust control.The advanced technology is capable of delivering dust suppression by surface wetting and airborne particle capture. Using a powerful fan with micro-nozzles mounted on individual nozzle crowns, the “A-JET” is specifically developed to atomise droplets to the optimum size for effective dust capture. Variable water flow allows adjustment to the volume of water released by the fan to suit the weather conditions and the intensity of dust present.

Programmable fan oscillation from 0-360° and adjustable elevation from -15° to +55 ° provides the unit with the versatility to direct the mist spray at the source of the dust to swiftly suppress emitted particles before they can disperse. The fan’s powerful high launch efficiency can cover an area of up to 13,000 m² in the absence of wind.

Manufactured in standard modules the units can be upgraded with various components,including: hydraulic rising boom, trailer or crawler tracks, generator, and on-board water tank. Machine components are enclosed in an 8mm stainless steel body with IP55 protection standard. IP65, IP67 or ATEX are options.

Remote control with programmable PLC and timer is standard on the unit. Additionally, the “A-JET” Turbo Fog Cannon on-board system can be integrated with a PLC and weather station control system to allow for modification of cycles, depending on wind speed and wind direction.

CoolMist Systems Australia recently assisted a company in South Australia with the supply and installation of an A-JET35S Turbo Fog Cannon to control dust lift-off and dust migration off-site of raw materials at the product unloading point.

The effectiveness of the “A-JET” Turbo Fog Cannon in keeping dust emissions down has surpassed the expectations of the company’s staff and senior management – and an 80% reduction in dust emissions for the site resulted in a three year extension of the company’s environmental license.

Although the “A-JET” Turbo Fog Cannon is a system that targets larger areas, alternative misting and fogging solutions are also available. CoolMist Systems Australia design, supply and install high pressure misting / fogging systems for dust suppression and cooling tailored to individual site requirements.

Mist cooling systems are also an efficient and cost effective means for workplace climate control in Australia’s harsh summer environment. Of particular value to workshops, wet mess and condenser pre-cooling, these mist cooling systems produce a very fine mist of droplets averaging 10 microns. The droplets evaporate taking the heat energy from the air, lowering the ambient temperature by as much as 15°C, without wetting any floors, surfaces or materials.

Environmentally friendly with low volume water atomistation and low power use, CoolMist’s misting and fogging equipment is an economical solution.

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