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Extreme heatwave

Extreme heatwave is set for many parts of Australia 2019
Thermometer with high temperature on the meadow with glowing sun background. Heatwave concept

An extreme heatwave is set to affect many parts of Australia this week with temperatures in Western NSW, South Australia and Victoria to exceed 45 degrees.

Cobar, Broken Hill and Griffith resident have been warned by the Bureau of Meteorology to expect temperatures increasing in the mid-high 40 degrees range. Many other parts of Australia will also be affected and bushfires (link to interactive bushfire map) are set to intensify.

Public health agencies have also warned of the risks of heat exposure this week with a Heatwave alert issued for South Australia

Bureau of Meteorology senior forecaster Tom Boeck told the ABC that while South Australia had so far been spared the extremely hot start to summer endured in Western Australia and the Northern Territory, temperatures in the high 40s would hit parts of the state including western districts and the Eyre Peninsula.

“Australia-wide, certainly temperatures are right up there,” he said.

“We’re expecting heatwave conditions to be increasing through the week.


Things you can do to prepare for the heatwave

What are things that you can do to prepare for a heatwave at home?

1. Check your fans and air conditioners are working and that they are switched to the cooling setting.
2. Cool your home by closing blinds and curtains during the day and opening windows at night whenit is cooler outside.
3. Make sure you have enough food, water, medications and pet food for a week so you will not needto go out in the heat.
4. Be prepared for the possibility of power outages. Keep your mobile phone charged and make sure you have a torch and a battery powered radio for emergency information.
5. Consider the safety of your pets and animals and make sure they will have protection and water.
6. Check weather forecasts regularly and listen to local radio for updates.

When will the heatwave end?

It is unlikely that the heatwave will end by the end of this week. We will update you with further information as it arises.Heatwave forecast Bureau of Meteorology

Where can I find state-based information about the extreme heatwave?

State Health Departments have a range of Heatwave Information that you can access. Please see links below.
Western Australia
South Australia
New South Wales
Northern Territory
Australian Capital Territory

How can I avoid heat stress?

You can avoid heat stress by minimising exposure to direct sunlight (especially during the hottest part of the day), avoid exposure to reflected heat from construction materials such as polished aluminium and glass, Avoid carrying out strenuous tasks or work for sustained long periods, minimise exposure to additional heat from machinery inadequate cooling down, ensure that you have rest periods and sufficient water consumption, monitor the climatic conditions (low air movement, high humidity, high temperature), Wear appropriate clothing. Avoid alcohol and caffeine consumption that may increase dehydration.

All workers should be provided with heat and sun protection during extreme heatwaves, as well as having general sun safety tips explained to them. If they’re not clear, have trouble understanding, or are concerned they’re working in an unsafe, hot environment, workers should be encouraged to speak up.

If you or your workmates are struggling in excessive heat or high humidity, don’t stall – talk to your supervisor immediately. Extreme heatwave worker

You can watch the video below on how to manage the extreme heatwave in Australia this week.

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