AMSJ » Groundbreaking blast preparation technology takes off

Groundbreaking blast preparation technology takes off

Groundbreaking blast preparation technology takes off

A new and innovative blast preparation system was launched today by Mackay-based business StemSafe, with the Australian technology set to be an industry-first for the world.

DipSafe is a vehicle-mounted automated blast hole measuring unit that will be “groundbreaking” for the mining, quarrying and construction industries.

Andrew Wheeler, Business Development Manager of StemSafe, said that mining companies will receive more “consistent and accurate” blast hole condition data from this technology, which means that charge designs will be “immensely improved, with more efficient designs and product selection”.

DipSafe was created to make blasting and blast hole measuring safer, and has the capacity to transfer the blast data such as hole depths, water and mud content to be collected in real time to mines drill and blast departments for the creation of back fill and charge loading sheets.

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“The unit is fully operable from the cab, meaning employees operating the machine can now work from an airconditioned environment, away from the harsh elements found on a mine site, again substantially reducing fatigue, heat stress events and exposure to dust.

“Mine personnel who have had to measure or prep a blast pattern know that the task is very labour intensive.

“StemSafe’s DipSafe’s measuring unit provides a safer alternative while substantially reducing manual handling risk in the “current” blast preparation, manual blast hole measuring process.”

The DipSafe vehicle can also be utilised as another transportation vehicle for personnel, adding value to the fleet.

“It’s a game changer as far as drill and blast operations are concerned.”

The modular unit can be mounted onto a variety of vehicles and equipment already used in the blasting industry.

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