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Importance of Deep Level Mine Safety

Safety is imperative in every mining situation. However, the need for safety for deep level mining is on a whole different level.

Deep level mining requires a deeper dig, in search of minerals. It’s dangerous and there are three factors that make it so: fatigue, heat, and pressure. So, it is absolutely vital that the environment is made safe for the workers so that the work can continue unhindered. No one wants injuries or worse, a fatality, to occur. So, safety is essential.

The deeper the mine goes, the worse the conditions get. This is when poor ventilation comes into play. So, it’s up to the mining companies to adhere to regulations to provide adequate ventilation for the deep level mining workers. The risk for collapse of the mine also increases the deeper you dig, so adequate support is necessary to prevent collapses. Additionally, the longer a mine is in existence the more the conditions deteriorate, which requires more attention and additional support for safety. Another risk for deep level mining is explosions. This is due to methane being released into the air. There are techniques in place to eliminate this problem, and these are safety practices that must be followed.

Some risks are due to heavy machinery, and some are based around the human condition. With the potential for poor ventilation, combined with worker fatigue and heat, mistakes will only increase. Which means it’s important to fully train everyone involved and provide them with the necessary tools to do their job properly and remain safe while they do so.

This is a labour intensive process, which requires adequate training for all employees. In addition, there needs to be management in place who hold the technical knowledge to lead a safe team. Beyond traditional safety measures, there is also a need for teamwork in these situations.

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