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Mineworker’s thumb lacerated in grouting pump

mineworker's thumb was lacerated by a grouting pump
A mineworker's thumb has been lacerated by a grouting pump.

A mineworker’s thumb has been lacerated by a grouting pump during grouting works at an underground mine.

The NSW Regulator reported that an underground mine worker was grouting 8-metre cable bolts when a worker saw grout leaking from between the housing and the reciprocating shaft.

The worker discarded the grout and flushed the pump with water to reseat the shaft seal. While the pump was running, the worker tried to block the spray of water from leaking around the shaft. The threaded piston sleeve dislodged from the housing, lacerating the mineworker’s left thumb.


The Regulator has emphasised that mines must have systems in place that require appropriate risk management tools to be available for use by workers for tasks.

Additionally, the regulator said that supervision arrangements must include checks to ensure that risk management tools are in place.

In another recent mining incident,  a mine worker was installing a monorail in a maingate area on a longwall face. The worker was operating a malibou (a work platform suspended from the monorail system) with his hand on the monorail. When the malibou came to a stop it rolled back, crushing the worker’s finger. The worker required surgery to his hand.

Image: NSW Resources Regulator

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