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Newcastle mines rescue competition

Newcastle mines rescue competition winners Team Orange
A team captained by John Downie has secured a win in the Newcastle Mines Rescue Competition.

Mines rescue teams and brigadesmen have tested their metal in the annual Newcastle Mines Rescue Competition.

The teams gathered at the Abel Mine (Yancoal) approximately 25km from the Port of Newcastle.  Abel is a bord and pillar operation that was placed in care and maintenance in 2016 however it provided a great venue for teams to test their skills.

The competition, conducted on the 21st June 2019m  provided a unique opportunity for mines rescue brigadesmen to develop and sharpen their emergency response skills. Providing a range of high-pressure emergency situations the competition gave participants unique opportunities to practice their lifesaving skills and test their quick thinking while also receiving constructive feedback from technical experts.

Mines Rescue teams heading underground


Newcastle Mines Rescue competition winners and awards

The 2019 mines rescue competition winners and awardees included:

  • 2019 Newcastle Mines Rescue competition winners: Team Orange, captained by John Downie
  • Perpetual Greg Allen ‘Champions’ Award recipient: Allan Shoesmith
  • Celebrating 15 years of service: Chad Murdoch, Darren Parker, Michael Styles, Michael Townsend, Mitchell Wells
  • Celebrating 25 years of service: Paul Coutts, John Cowburn
  • 100% attendance – 10 years: Shane Dwyer, Dean Taylor, Daniel Wood

Images: Coal Services

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