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NSW Resources Regulator’s new compliance priorities

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The latest NSW Resources Regulator’s Compliance Priorities report follows on from the January to June 2018 report by outlining revised key priorities identified as areas of concern. These updated compliance priorities will be the Regulator’s focus from July to December 2018.

The compliance priorities, which inform compliance and enforcement activities, play an integral role in achieving the NSW Resources Regulator’s ongoing objectives which aim to:

  • ensure a safe, sustainable and innovative mining, extractive and petroleum industry in NSW
  • provide information and guidance about safety, environmental and other regulatory obligations to protect and support industry, workers, the community and the state
  • promote confidence in how the industry is regulated
  • make regulation transparent
  • engage with and educate both industry and the community about best practice
  • support industry to meet its regulatory obligations.

Compliance priorities for July to December 2018
Listed below are the new NSW Resources Regulator’s compliance priorities for July to December 2018:

  • Drill rigs – isolation of energy
  • Articulated truck roll-overs and falls from mobile plant
  • Ground and strata control
  • Surface coal vehicle interactions
  • Construction, operation and decommissioning of tailings dams
  • Operational Rehabilitation – Compliance & Reporting Reforms

By publishing the compliance priorities, the Regulator aims to provide transparency, increase community and industry confidence in the Regulator’s activities and improve the levels of voluntary compliance.

Further information
For more information, including an updated compliance activities calendar, download the NSW Resources Regulator’s Compliance Priorities July to December 2018. For information on compliance activities and programs, targeted assessment  programs and compliance auditing visit the Compliance activities and reports section of the NSW Resources Regulator website.

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