Rudd and Abbott talk big on resources

Kevin_Rudd_-Pic_10_300In the past two days, both Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbott, have made major announcements regarding their party’s intentions for the resources sector, should they be first part the post this Saturday evening.

Yesterday, Rudd promised to stump up $16 million for a mining industry innovation partnership to be based in Brisbane. The eleventh partnership is part of a $500 million plan revealed at the beginning of the election campaign.

Under the proposal, Labor would partner with Queensland University of Technology, Austmine Ltd, Brisbane Marketing, the CSIRO, the Centre for Mining Technology, University of Queensland and the Australian Industry Group for the Brisbane industry innovation plan.

“With the China mining investment boom winding down, Australia needs to build a modern and diverse economy that forges new industries and new jobs,” Rudd said.

Not to be out-resourced, Tony Abbott, has now told the ABC his preference is to expand existing coal ports in Queensland rather than build new ones.

“While I think it’s very important that we have faster and more certain environmental approval processes, it’s also important that we maintain very high environmental standards,” Abbott said.

The comments came after the LNP’s Michelle Landry and Ken O’Dowd both expressed opposition to the development of a coal port at Keppel Bay.

“Obviously the expansion of Abbot Point, the expansion of the coal facilities at Gladstone is quite different from a new port at Point Alma.” Abbott said.

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