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Australian mining 2019 Prospect Awards run by Prime Creative Media

Prospect Awards

What are the 2019 Prospect Awards? The 2019 Australian mining Prospects Awards is an awards programs for the mining and minerals processing industry in Australia. It is run by Australian Publisher –...

procedures for safely removing PPE like safety glasses, goggles, coveralls, respirators

Procedures and sequence for safely removing PPE

Incorrect procedures for donning or doffing personal protective equipment (PPE) including safety glasses/goggles, respirators, coveralls and safety gloves can cause exposure to hazardous materials...

Australian mining D11 working at Weipa in the Australian Mining Industry

Australian mining

Mining is a significant and important part of Australia’s economy. The Australian mining industry origins stem back to the early days of Australia’s settlement when first settlers...

haul truck brake hose results in fire

Damaged haul truck brake hose results in fire

Haul truck brake hose inspection critical to minimising fire risks. The dangers of plant fires from leaking hydraulic hoses has been well documented across the Australian mining industry. In an...

Soft tissue

Soft tissue health a top priority for reducing LTIs

A physical trainer, noted for helping FIFO workers with fitness and weight reduction plans, believes soft tissue health is the “key focus” to reducing total recorded injury frequency rates (TRIFR)...

workplace flexibility

New laws promote workplace flexibility

The Fair Work Commission has introduced important changes to flexible work that will affect millions of workers across all industries, including mining. Employers are now required to offer any...

mining innovation

Mining innovation ideas could win a $1M investment

A Canadian based gold miner is offering up to 1 million dollars (CAD) investment in mining innovation ideas and technologies that will disrupt the way we traditionally undertake a range of mining...