Water truck spotter

Water truck strikes and pins helpful worker

A heavy vehicle collided with and squeezed a colleague who tried to help the driver navigate through a work site. A concrete batching plant worker learnt the hard way not to stand in the path of...

Building mining teams

Building mining teams

In a mining environment, it’s critical for safe production that everyone on the team is on the same page. Not only does this mean pursuing similar goals, but it also means that every person as...

Powertec Underground Communication System

Powertec Wi-Fi Underground Communication System

With an ongoing drive for safer, more productive, and economical mines, there is a need for the practical application of existing technology and the continual development of new underground...

STRATA WORDLWIDE DigitalBRIDGE Plus Connectivity solutions

Connectivity solutions to go beyond the everyday

The use of real-time data in underground mining is moving beyond a “nice to have” and now connectivity solutions are becoming essential for any operation looking to drive productivity and promote...

Workplace bullshit meter

Dealing with workplace bullshit

Researchers from Canada, Italy and Finland have finally laid bare the fact that organisations across the world are “dealing with a flood of bullshit” and that bullshit is affecting morale and...

Telstra South 32 Cannington 4G LTE Partnership

Cannington adopts Telstra 4G LTE underground

Telstra has announced a new partnership with South32 for a private 4G LTE network at their Cannington mine. Telstra said that they are in the pre-deployment stage at the South32 Cannington...

light vehicle open face incident

Light vehicle drives over open face

A light vehicle has driven over an open face at a NSW mine leaving the drivers shaken and an excavator operator facing an investigation. According to the NSW Resources Regulator, a light vehicle was...

AMSJ April 2022