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name of miner trapped Cameron Goss

Body of Tasmanian miner Cameron Gross recovered

The body of Tasmanian miner, Cameron Goss has been safely recovered this morning following a mammoth effort for mine recovery personnel at the Henty mine. In a statement just released Pybar Mining...

Pybar recovery of henty miner

Recovery attempt of Henty miner to commence next week

The recovery of the body of Cameron Goss from Henty Gold mine in Tasmania is expected to commence early next week using a tele-operated loader retrieval system. This week a range of specialist mines...

Henty gold mine recovery is a dangerous operation Brendan Rouse

Henty Gold mine recovery continues

Recovery activity continues to be the focus at the Henty Gold Mine despite Pybar confirming conditions at the recovery site are ‘fragile.’ Pybar says that specialist personnel have...

Bootu Creek Mine where a mine worker has been buried

Bootu Creek mine fatality

The recovery of a miner entombed in a wall collapse at the Bootu Creek mine could take several days but the mine has vowed to keep operating despite the tragic circumstances. The NT Resources...

Pike river mine re-entry drilling into mine seal

Pike river team set to go for re-entry tomorrow

After what has been a turbulent few weeks full of disappointment and technical issues, the Pike River Recovery Agency has once again commenced work on re-entering the Pike River mine where 29 mine...

Family members hang a poster to remember Pasta de conchos mine workers killed in gas explosion

Mexico pledges to recover miners from 2006 disaster

In scenes reminiscent of the Pike River mine recovery announcement, the President of Mexico, Andrés Obrador, has announced a mines rescue recovery mission to find the bodies of 63 miners trapped in...

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