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Pike river mine re-entry drilling into mine seal

Pike river team set to go for re-entry tomorrow

After what has been a turbulent few weeks full of disappointment and technical issues, the Pike River Recovery Agency has once again commenced work on re-entering the Pike River mine where 29 mine...

Family members hang a poster to remember Pasta de conchos mine workers killed in gas explosion

Mexico pledges to recover miners from 2006 disaster

In scenes reminiscent of the Pike River mine recovery announcement, the President of Mexico, Andrés Obrador, has announced a mines rescue recovery mission to find the bodies of 63 miners trapped in...

north goonyella co concerns

North Goonyella still showing elevated CO

In its’ latest update to industry and stakeholders, Peabody has confirmed that the North Goonyella mine is still showing elevated Carbon Monoxide (CO) levels at some measurement points. Peabody...