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Queensland coal mining man in old coal mine

Nothing to see here in Queensland mines

The Queensland Coal Mine Inquiry is peeling back a range of factors related to the Grosvenor Coal mine incident. Some should alarm underground mine workers, mine operators and the Queensland...

Dale Last MP

Ongoing mine safety issues must be addressed | MP says

The Queensland Shadow Minister for Queensland’s Mines and Quarries says the ongoing safety issues in mines and quarries must be addressed in the wake of the Grosvenor Mine explosion. This week...

Brady report queensland mine safety

Miners will continue to die in Queensland

A report commissioned by the Queensland Government has confirmed that mineworkers will continue to die in Queensland at a rate of twelve every five years unless a major overhaul on safety is...

mine safety breaches

Up to three years in prison for mine safety breaches

The Queensland Government has recently increased maximum penalties for court-based prosecutions of up to $3.9 million for mining corporations and $783,300 or 3 years imprisonment for individuals for...

mining safety legend

Mining safety legend

Frank Windridge – Australian mining safety legend shared some thoughts on his career with AMSJ this week. For those new to the industry, Frank was the Queensland Mining Warden and the author of Moura...

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