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Grosvenor Mine explosion details emerging

Grosvenor mine explosion details emerging

As four of the five mineworkers involved in the Grosvenor Mine explosion still remain in a critical condition this morning, details are emerging of the explosion that ripped through the mine’s...

Moranbah mine explosion Stephen Smyth

Moranbah Mine Explosion

MORANBAH MINE EXPLOSION UPDATE – The CFMEU’s Stephen Smyth said this morning that the union believed there had been an ignition in the tailgate area of the Grosvenor mine that engulfed...

CFMEU supports reviewinto Queensland fatalities

Brady report revelations supported by CFMEU

The CFMEU says that the major report into Queensland mining fatalities released in Parliament warns that more workers will die unless the industry comprehensively changes its approach to safety...

Coroner investigation into death of Paul Maguire at Anglo Coal Grasstree Mine

Inquest to Anglo coal mine death

The Queensland Coroner has scheduled a pre-inquest conference at Mackay into the death of Anglo Coal electrician Paul McGuire who tragically passed away at Grasstree mine following exposure to...

Mining Automation displacing workers

Thoughts on automation displacing workers

The recent moves by miners to automate mining equipment through technology has created significant debate among mineworkers regarding the loss of jobs and the impacts on regional communities...

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