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Manuka Resources

Severe weather event strikes miner

 A severe weather event has struck miner Manuka Resources (ASX: MKR) resulting in shutdowns for repairs at its Wontawinta silver mine near Cobar NSW. According to reports, the company was struck by...

natural disaster preparation is critical for mines

Forces of nature

Natural disaster preparation for mines In a land beset with floods, droughts, cyclones, bushfires and dust storms that can shut down a city, it’s vital for mine sites to be fore-warned and properly...

cyclone gove

Tropical low intensifying may affect Gove operations

A tropical low is intensifying in the Northern Territory and it is expected to form into a cyclone by tomorrow morning. The low is moving in a westerly direction parallel to the coast and the effects...

dalrynple bay coal terminal closure due to weather

Weather affecting Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal

The ongoing effects of weather-related incidents have been felt at Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal (DBCT) where bad weather resulted in disruption to the terminal operations. The coal terminal was closed...

haul trucks collision

Haul truck collision in wet weather

The recent wet weather in eastern parts of Australia has contributed to a high potential  incident at a surface mine involving a haul truck collision. The NSW Resources Regulator has advised today...

Forces of nature

Forces of nature

Weather expert Matt Saunderson talks about forecasting mining safety with advanced weather solutions. The vast continent of Australia experiences the full range of weather phenomena that Mother...

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