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Union leader attacked by gunmen in Colombia

A union leader for a Colombian mining company ( Drummond Coal ) has been attacked by gunmen
A Union Leader at a Coal Mine in Colombia has survived an attack by gunmen.

A union leader has survived an attack by two gunmen in Colombia.

Vice President of the Miner’s Union, Ricardo Rojas, who works for Drummond Coal in Colombia, was attacked by two masked gunmen on a motorcycle. The gunmen reportedly fired bullets in the union leader’s car

Local police say that the gunmen were riding a motorbike and they shot several times targeting Rojas’ vehicle. The union leader and a second person in his car escaped unharmed.


Chief of the Norte de Santander police, Colonel Fabián Ospina, said “authorities are having a hard time figuring out who were the attackers because the area is besieged by a number of armed groups such as the National Liberation Army or ELN, a gang called Los Pelusos, and dissidents from the Colombian Armed Revolutionary Forces or FARC”

The union leader works at the El Descanso open-pit coal mine, located near the town of La Loma in the neighbouring Cesar department. The operation employs 4,000 people, is responsible for 15% of Colombia’s coal output and has estimated reserves of 60 million tonnes of coal.

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